Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Lazies

I hope your Christmas was filled lots of family and fun. Now that the festivities have died down we have been doing a whole lot of nothing. Not a lot of cleaning going on, just the minimum. Been to the movies a few times. Doing some much needed relaxing. December is such a crazy month, I don't feel bad at all taking a few days off to just unwind. My hubby goes back to work tomorrow and I am actually dying to take down my tree and other decorations. I have some projects to finish and start. But it has been a great few days. I hope your Christmas was filled with peace and joy and the new year will be a wonderful one for you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tee

I had been wanting to make some Christmas t-shirts for my girls this year and couldn't come up with anything until... Pinterest. I saw a design similar to this on my sister's Pinterest collection and loved it. I recycled some t-shirts I dyed green for Halloween. I backed the ribbon with a red and white striped fabric that I appliqued on there. Then I cut and pinned the ribbon loops one row at a time starting at the bottom. I sewed across the top of each. Then pinned the next row and sewed until I had my tree filled in. I tied a red bow and hand stitched it to the top of the tree. They will be so cute to wear to see Santa tomorrow. (I meant to take some pictures and do a tutorial but in my haste to get them done I forgot to take the pictures along the way).

A Great Milestone

I turned 40 today. And I am rather happy about it. It is a new milestone in life's journey and it feels good to be embarking on a new decade of life. I did not think I would feel this way but I am glad that I do. So for my birthday I wanted only one thing. An antique horse. I saw one in an antique shop and knew that was what I wanted for my birthday. Here it is. I think it's lovely. His name is Merry and he has a new home on top of our tv armoire. Thanks hubby for getting him for me.