Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ruffled Pumpkin Tee

Time for a tutorial. A pumpkin t-shirt tutorial. It only takes an hour to make and the results are very cute if I do say so myself. Scroll down to get started...


Black t-shirt

1/4 yard orange fabric

orange thread


2 pieces of 6 inch long ribbon

rotary cutter with s pinking shear blade and cutting mat

Or pinking shears


1. Lay t-shirt out flat. Draw a pumpkin shape with the chalk. This is going to be your placement outline. Pumpkins are not perfectly round, so don't stress on the shape too much.

2. With rotary cutter with pinking shear blade or with regular pinking shears cut 3 strips of 11/2 inch to 2 inch fabric. Cut from selvage to selvage. You want approximately a 44 inch strip.

(If you are making a size med or large t.shirt I would cut strips 2 inches wide).

3. With your sewing machine set on a ruffle setting. Ruffle your strips down the middle. Your strips should be approximately 22" long. Don't sew strips together.

4. Take ruffle and pin along chalk line on front of t-shirt. Once it is pinned take ribbon and fold in half . Slip ribbon pieces in behind the ruffle at the top of the pumpkin shape and pin in place. Join ends of ruffle together, fold over edges and overlap them so no raw ends show. You will do this for each layer of ruffles. (Depending onthe size of your pumkin shape you may have too much ruffle. That is okay. Just cut off the end and join them together as above). With a normal sewing stitch, stitch the outer edge of the ruffle. Then sew the inner edge of the ruffle.

5. This is what your pumpkin should kinda look like.

6. Pin the 2nd ruffle down, overlapping the ruffles about 1/4 inch . Sew the outer and then the inner edge of the ruffle.

Here is what your layers will look like with their inside and outside edges sewn down.

7. Pin the second ruffle down and sew the inside and outside edge. The ruffles should overlap about 1/4 inch. Don't forget to fold the ends back and over lap them.

8. Add the next layer of ruffles. Pin in place and sew the inside and outside edges. This should be your last layer and your pumkin should be closed up. * Now on the second one I made, I had a small hole that bugged me. I took a self covering button and covered it with orange fabric and sewed it over the hole. My hole was less than half an inch but it bugged me and that is how I fixed it.

This is what the finished pumpkin looks like.

I love the way these turned out. I hope yours turn out great. Feel free to email me with any questions. Happy sewing.



  1. oh if i could sew!!! seriously adorable.

    found you via the weekend wrapup party and think you may like my special shabby chic giveaway:


    thanks so much for sharing!



  2. I love this idea!! I love ruffles oh so much. :) This makes me want to have a little girl!!

  3. A D O R A B L E !!!! Oh the shirts are too, great job.

  4. I love the orange against the black! Great job!

  5. I love the ruffles - what a great idea! They turned out super cute!